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50% OFF ChromeWheels 4-in-1 Kids’ Trike & Stroller, Adjustable Height Push Ride Tricycle for 9 Months - 5 Year Old

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Our little one fell in love with these little scooters while visiting her grandparents in Europe. As we couldn't take the original one she had on the plane, we bought this one upon our return. It's great. It runs smoothly and it helps her coordinate her moves better. The flashing wheels are a great addition and we do not worry that she wouldn't be noticed by others in the street. Overall, we are very satisfied. Highly recommended.

Pavic-Verified Purchase

Click Link>> Sturdy and convenient.

Received this stroller as a gift 3 months ago. I like it for the most part, it is a decent mid-price range umbrella stroller. I had wanted the uppababy gluxe after hearing moms rave about it. But the gluxe is stupid expensive, and this stroller I think is pretty good for a fraction of the cost.

-It is light enough for me to carry this and my 7 month old up to my 3rd floor apartment.
-It is easy enough to fold and open while holding my son (although this could use some improvement. For example, I have to have the stroller against a wall to be able to push down hard enough to open the stroller, and the lever to close is not the easiest to push down).
-I love that it reclines
-The canopy is a good size for an umbrella stroller.
-good storage space.

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